Tips and Tricks for the TSS System

Want to use TSS as electronic time book and save it to your computer? You can here's how.

In TSS use option 20 (History and Reports Menu)

Option 1 (Call, Tie-up, Movement History)

Enter date range (usually the 1st - 15th or 16th - 30th)

Place an "X" in the "Employee" field

Tab down and place an "X" in both "Call Record" and "Tie-up Records" then press enter

Once the history request is listed, press "Shift + F7" which will cause a pop-up box to be displayed. In the pop-up box enter your email address, also you must enter a subject. Press "enter" to send the report to your email account.

How to retrieve a previous call sheet.

Go to option 12.

Enter the train symbol.

Enter the month and year.

Enter "I" for inbound or "O" for outbound.

Then enter, and you should have one.


If it is over six months ago you need a command line and request it as a batch job off CCINFO.