Latest BLET Div 32 Meeting Synopsis

Nov Meeting Notes

PTC suburban train running this week

Nov 15 is cutoff date to submit vacations. 

Remote desk is looking at whistling at Gordon Ln in Sugar Grove MP43. 

Inward facing cameras coming to freight service. Don't tamper with them.

As of today they won't be in yard engines.

If you or your conductor have to use the bathroom the train must be stopped.

PTC has the capability to detect if your cell phone is on. It must be off and stowed in your grip.

All of Board 30 should be qualified to LaCrosse. If you are not get in touch with Marty or RDP to get a trip to LaCrosse before Peak Season.

M-F 1030 Z CHCSTP & Saturday 1800, for Peak Season. Estimate a 0200 out of Twin Cities.

55 mph 100 TOB. New GO

Sugar Plant in Montgomery in operation. BJ will switch. 

Keep putting in claims for inward facing cameras even if BNSF motor.

If it is your year to certify. Look on your BNSF license. Do not delay or wait until the last minute. Get it done, drivers license, hearing everything. They will pull you out of service and have an investigation.

Changes to the GP 39-3 rebuilds, they PTC screens obscure vision out the engineers window. The control stands will be moved approx. 4 inches in order to provide better vision.

Form C for box 2 buried in GTB's will become a Form X in the 1st Qtr of 2017. 

Xtra U Man in Cicero for Peak Season.

Re-measuring track lengths in Cicero.

You can put in SIRP for bad lineups. If you go to option 20 on the main board in TSS then 5 you can see how, when and why you did or didn't go to work.

LPC trains will be getting Toyota traffic.

Ipads are approved for all employees. No time line as of yet.

EST election as follows. Rob Weingartner Eola, Darius Dooley Cicero, Bill Bauer Alternate.

New Member Steve Lyons.

Sept Meeting Synopsis

Cornerstone rep would like to come to a meeting and give a presentation. Hopefully next month. Open enrollment until November 1st. Rates are going up. A packet is supposed to be mailed out to every member.

Make sure you complete everything for your recert. If you have any questions about recert call Marty or Robert Della-Pietra. You will be decertified and get a level S if anything is incomplete.

10 turns Savanna 15 LaCrosse

RCO class to start first week in October

Company says they want to keep everyone working but, will not flood the boards.

Working on getting the van in LaCrosse to take us to the grocery store on the way to the hotel.

Air quality at CUS on going issue.

Filling out SIRP is very important to get things fixed.

RWHTP website has good info on hazmat. Rick Leschina has much info if you are interested in attending hazmat classes.

New radios for BNSF metra engines. SIRP was instrumental in obtaining them.

Engineers on other Metra lines being fired for trespasser fatalities. Always whistle and leave your lights on bright.

New timetables October 15.

Lineups still unreliable.

ABC analysis a pilot project. Is what alternative handling was supposed to be.

2 types of gaskets out. They are not interchangeable.

Many problems at Clyde RH . Dirty windows main offender. 

PTC screens on GP 39-3 block field of vision out front window.

If you have issues with PTC the last digit is 9 to get the help desk to come up on the radio.

New locomotives will have an actual thermostat and a deflector to keep your leg from freezing or burning up. Medium headlight will no longer be an option. Red lights for night vision reading.

When 2 crews working on same track it is yardmaster obligation to inform both crews of what is going on.

Dirt pile has been shortened.

If an engine is red tagged don't use it. It is bad ordered for a reason.

10 incidents about situational awareness.

CJ Fletcher has had an unexpected illness and is in the hospital. At this time no more information about what hospital or his condition.